The environmental issues we face are daunting. But there are reasons for optimism and even celebration. Each win would not have otherwise taken place, but for donors like you that provide such vital support and which gives a voice to species and their habitats.

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Account Name: The Tashinga Initiative Trust 


Account Number: 1027517120297 

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Donors Globally can donate directly to UK Charitable Trust, Conservation Zambezi

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Bank: Barclays, Worthing Branch 

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Account Name: Conservation Zambezi 

Account Number: 03222004 

IBAN: GB45BARC20206203222004 

For these donations please advise by email as to the amount and method of payment: so that we know where the money has come from and who to thank.


Solar Power & Communications

Solar power benefiting Rangers and Field Stations, provide energy and water pumping solutions. Vital VHF Radio Communications link and provide security for Ranger Patrols undertaking operations and patrolling for wildlife protection.

Anti-Poaching & Training

During this unprecedented period of wildlife slaughter, there is a high demand on well-equipped, highly trained Ranger anti-poaching patrols. Your donation will provide patrol equipment, highly specialized anti-poaching training, and incentives for informants.

Patrol Unit Mobility

The areas to be patrolled are vast and Ranger Patrol Units need to be able to react swiftly to poaching incursions as well as carry out regularly monitoring patrols. Tashinga is looking to purchase 4×4 toyota pickups with trained drivers and maintenance budget lines.

Ranger Community

The Ranger community is vital to the integrity of our wildlife areas being maintained. Electric fenced vegetables gardens provide both food security and enhanced health. Small field station clinics, properly equipped saves many a life from injury, animal attack, or poachers bullet.


Tashinga strives towards ensuring that Rangers all have a roof over their heads, whether it is brick & mortar, or a tent, it is always a priority. Tashinga also implements projects that provide offices, operations centres, dwellings, anti-poaching base, school building and road repairs.

Ranger Child Education

The little children of Ranger families are so eager to learn about the animals amongst which they live and play.  Please support Tashinga Initiative in its programmes to provide or refurbish buildings, school education materials, curriculum books, sport kit and libraries.