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LAKE KARIBA forming part of the northern border of Zimbabwe has an extensive shoreline spreading out in a million bays along its 220km length.

A LAKE KARIBA – CHARARA SAFARI AREA SHORELINE LITTER CLEAN UP PROJECT funded by PADENGA HOLDINGS KARIBA, in the north-easternmost corner of Lake Kariba, has commenced in late April 2019. The project is being undertaken in partnership with Tashinga Initiative Trust and its field-based team led by Catmore Gidion. The URGENT reason for this project is to save wildlife living in Charara Wildlife Protected Area from ingesting litter which eventually leads to death, and vitally, to clean up the environment as urgently as possible. This project is also in keeping with a worldwide effort to clean up Planet Earth. Walking 200m wide strips or transects, from bushline to shoreline and return the Team is making its way eastwards currently towards the Charara River. In just 5 days, 30,290m has been covered and a whopping 830KG of litter has been collected. The project is underway for as long as funding to support the team can be raised. Your support is always valued, no matter how small. 

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