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We hope that you will choose to become an integral part of our quest to protect this wildlife through your donation to Tashinga Initiative’s multi-faceted projects, and where significantly, overheads are kept to a bare minimum with approximately 95% of donated funds being implemented directly just where you want to see your donation go.

All the projects that Tashinga Initiative implements is for the ultimate survival and protection of Zimbabwe’s wildlife which enjoys protection in 13% of Zimbabwe, protected areas specifically set aside under the jurisdiction of the Parks and Wildlife Management Authority.

Parks and Wildlife Rangers are employed by ZimParks which acts as custodian, on behalf of the people of our Globe, to protect the remaining extraordinary wildlife that abounds in Zimbabwe. Even more extraordinary, is the almost contiguous wildlife area that stretches from the Botswana border in the West to the Mocambique border in the east, along the Zambezi River’s hinterland.
We look forward to working with you.

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