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DONATED BY GLENN VINCENT, KAREN SEGINAK AND ROYAL MOWERY, USAThe children of the Ranger Family-based at Mkanga Field HQ, Chewore South were treated by Glenn, Karen and Royal to a unique treat – a brand new playground comprising double swing, stand-alone slide, a see-saw, a jungle gym  with another slide, and painted tyres were used to form a children’s jungle lane to crawl through. Having this new facility at Mkanga helps to promote family life which is challenging for Rangers based out in the Chewore protected area. The playground was manufactured by Tashinga Initiative’s team led by Catmore Gidion, and erected on site in a secure position within the housing complex chosen by Area Manager Everson Mawurukira and his team. I know that the Chewore South Ranger family join Tashinga Initiative to say a very big THANK YOU to Glenn, Karen and Royal for their thoughtfulness, generosity, and for such interest shown in the well-being of our all vital antipoaching Ranger community.

Ranger Wives’ Netball Field

For Ranger Wives to have an exercise outlet, at the same time as the children are occupied in their playground, Donor Glenn Vincent, Karen Seginak and Royal Mowery provided further funds for Tashinga Initiative to create a fitted netball field immediately adjacent to the playground, as well as being securely inside the perimeter of a security fence at ZimParks’ Mkanga Field Station, Chewore South Protected Area.  We hope that this facility brings much enjoyment and family time to the Rangers.

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