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The consumption of fresh vegetables for Rangers based out at the very remote Zimparks Kapirinhengu Field Station in Chewore  Wildlife Protected Area provide a source of vital vitamins and minerals whilst on antipoaching patrols. The preparation, some refurbishments to the perimeter protection and planting of seedlings in this garden recently followed on after some modifications to the solar powered water pump at Kapirinhengu. The Ranger vegetable gardens are often not even linked with antipoaching patrols, but yet play a vital role in Ranger well-being and efficacy of the patrols. Donors US Embassy Self Help Project, Zimbabwean donors Willie Badenhorst and Steve Barrie,  European Union CITES MIKES project, as well as private donors Glenn Vincent and the Taylor Kidz, both from the USA, have well recognized this need. Tashinga Initiative thanks them all most sincerely for their vital donations.

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