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In the first two weeks of September, at the same time as Tashinga Initiative  implemented the Ranger Specialist Riverine Antipoaching Operations Course, we installed a solar energy system for the Kapirinhengu Field Station.  We also put in lighting and power plugs for the stores, reception, operations rooms, and for the Officer in Charge’s office.  The energy provides for VHF radio transmission, for desktop and laptop computers, for the running of a SMART software and database, for the charging of all batteries and cellphones.

Having sufficient solar power impacts on the efficacy of all antipoaching operations and Rangers set out on their patrols with both adequate dry rations as well as fully charged batteries, knowing that at home base, there is at least very good power for the VHF base radios to operate efficiently.

Your donated dollar means everything to the remotely based Ranger – please support Tashinga Initiative’s effort to provide patrolling Rangers with their needs.

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