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ZimParks has embarked upon a programme of upgrading its radio communications systems, starting in the Lower Zambezi Valley, to a digital platform. To this end, Tashinga Initiative’s EU funded CITES MIKES project, Zambezi Elephant Fund and Global Wildlife Conservation have collaborated in the funding of Phase 1(a), being the start up of the roll-out of this major project and this has been implemented by Tashinga Initiative.
A digital repeater, base, handheld radios, as well as a computer and appropriate software have been provided at a key Repeater Link, and at bases in Hurungwe Safari Area and Mana Pools National Park. The digitalisation process brings enhanced capacity and capabilities, efficiency to all systems.  It is an absolute must to the safety and efficacy of Rangers in the field, as well as, importantly, being a system which ZimParks itself has asked for and prefers to use at this juncture. Radio communications are vital for antipoaching operations in the vastness of the continuous wildlife protected areas stretching from Middle Zambezi through to the Mozambique border.
This project is ranked #1 in importance by ZimParks and Tashinga Initiative. We therefore seek your specific attention and kind support for further donations for the roll out of this project.

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