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This vital antipoaching reaction base for ZimParks Rangers, funded by Zambezi Elephant Fund and Tashinga Initiative, and built by Tashinga Initiative in 2016, continues to prove its immense value during a recent incursion by poachers into ZimParks Protected Areas in this Lower Zambezi Valley, when Rangers from across the Valley were able to respond rapidly and successfully to a gang of poachers wantonly killing our precious Elephant. To keep this Base intact, Tashinga Initiative has spent a significant amount of time and funding focussed on the all-precious water supply.  Funded by Zambezi Elephant Fund, this installation has now been reinforced in preparation for the oncoming rainy season, when the Rukomeshe River rushes by carrying vast tonnes of water from the catchment area and flows all the way through Mana Pools National Park to the Zambezi River to the north. The work involved was achieved through very hard hand labour in intense heat, and we are very encouraged by the result which will allow Antipoaching Rangers based here to continue to have potable running water.

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